Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cat Valentine Outfits from Sam and Cat Nickelodeon Show

  New Fashion and Outfits for Sam & Cat Nickelodeon Fans

Sam Pockett and Cat Valentine from both shows Icarly and Victorious, now started their new show named Sam and Cat! I already know this show is going to be my very favorite from Nickelodeon since I'm a fan of both of these girls.  I'm also sharing with you guys the outfits of Sam Pockett  and Cat Valentine from the show.

If you also remember the show Victorious you can find Cat Victorious Outfits here. 

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June 16, 2013..

You can find the same
Purple sweater as Cat Valentine here.

 In the first episode of Sam and Cat, Cat Valentine seems to be wearing this cute outfit  and her purple giraffe as you can see in her bike's front basket. This is totally cute! 

You can Click on the Image to View Details or Where can You Purchase the clothing. 

You can Now find this Purple Zip Hoodie- American Apparel.

 Printed Mary Jane

 Look at Cat Valentine's style here, it's very girly and unique. The item that I like the most from this outfit is her flats. You can get them here Urban Outfitters- Printed Mary Jane Flats.